Guest Editorial: Oregon’s forests are being poisoned and so are you

I am a wildlife biologist. Recently I spent six months researching how our native Oregon fish and several species of birds are faring on Oregon Department of Forestry managed lands. I tramped through the forests in an effort to describe populations of critters and their habitat. I also work with my neighbors to protect Williams Creek, a salmon and native trout tributary providing cold, clean water to the Applegate and Rogue.

Pesticide rallies intended to spread concerns

Organizers of a Saturday rally at Lake Selmac say they want to increase awareness of the potential dangers of aerial pesticides that are applied to private forestlands and drift onto private properties.

The event is being held in conjunction with an anti-pesticide rally at Triangle Lake, where a federal study determined that 100 percent of rural residents tested for pesticides had both 2,4-D and Atrazine in their bodies, said Lisa Arkin, executive director of Beyond Toxics, one of the sponsors for the events.